11D Tempered Glass for Apple iPhone – Set of 2 Pcs

  • Made of imported AGC ultra white glass
  • Matte surface, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare
  • High light transmittance, clear display
  • Arc edge design, smooth and safe to use
  • Edge to edge tempered glass for complete protection
  • Package includes: 2 pieces of Tempered Glass
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Five Easy Steps to Apply the 11D Tempered Glass

screen protector

Step 1: Prepare

Before you get started, make sure to wash your hands and let them dry.

Also, choose a clean space to avoid dust or other particles. You may even switch off your fan, if required.

Remove your phone’s cover or any existing Screen protector.

screen protector

Step 2: CLEAN

Clean the mobile screen of any kind of dust. For this, first clean the screen using the Wet wipe and then the Dry wipe.

This is to ensure that no bubbles come up during application.


screen protector

Step 3: ALIGN

Hold the protector from the edges and take care not to touch the sticky side.

Align the device starting with any one reference point, which could be the speaker or the camera lens at the top.

The Home button or The Logo can also be used as reference at the bottom.


screen protector

Step 4: DROP

Using the weight of the protector, gently drop the Protector onto the screen

screen protector

Step 5- PRESS

Press the Protector with a clean cloth to remove any remaining bubbles


What if something went wrong with 11D Tempered Glass?

What if the Protector isn’t aligned to the screen?

Just remove it quickly from the corner and repeat the application process. Take care

· To hold the protector on the sides.

· Not to hold the protector on the sticky side.

What if there are bubbles on the screen?

Remove the protector and clean the screen again with the wipes, to remove the dust which is causing the bubbles to appear. You may use a tape to remove any dust from the tape as well.

Repeat the application process after cleaning.